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We work with our clients collaboratively to find justice and recover financial loss due to being a victim of  scams and other illegal practices which have resulted in financial loss. We work specifically with individual consumers, not losses associated with corporations. 


We specialise in

  • purchasing scams

  • phone & text scams

  • rogue traders

  • online shopping

  • market website platforms like Amazon, Ebay, Gum Tree

  • impersonation scams

No Win
No Fee

How do we do it?

As each Case differs, we like to firstly discuss the matter with you and work collaboratively to decide the best way to suceed in recovering your funds.  Some of our clients are confident to manage the process independently.  In cases like this, we offer support in terms of websites and relevant contact details of various bodies and authorities that can assist you.


Other clients prefer that we manage the Case on their behalf.  This includes conducting a complete analysis on the facts and associated information, collating all the details, filing the Case to the Ombudsman or the Courts.  We can also represent you in Court if need be.


We work on a 'no win, no fee' basis.   The diagnostic stage which is our intial discussion is 100% free.  If you choose to have us manage your Case, there is a file set up fee of £250 per case and we would take 10% of the final value if your Case is successful.  All fees associated with filing a matter in Court, serving papers etc will be charged at cost.  We work quite closely with Trading Standards, Government Authorities, the Ombudsman, Action Fraud and the Police.  We also have a solid and contemporary understanding of Consumer Law and Consumer Rights.  Please contact us to see how we can help you.

Our Fees